iPhone 5 Problems: iOS 6 Apple Maps App is Making Google and Android Look Good


Why try to reinvent the wheel?

That saying is definitely holding true this Friday after Apple debuted their new iPhone 5 which includes a built in iOS 6 map app that has fallen short. The app has definitely left many disappointed and even more feeling like they rushed the product. Whether or not this is true, one thing that is sure is that many are running back to Google Maps.

The move to cut out Google, Apple’s mortal enemy, has now made Apple seem simply unprofessional. Apple has been slowly trying to make sure that Android becomes a thing of the past, like the late Steve Jobs vowed to do. However, with a map app that clearly has a lot of issues, like misplacing locations, poor graphics, and showing places that do not exist anymore, there is little chance that people will be sticking with the iOS 6 version.

Some new iOS 6 users have taken to posting about their map frustrations already in sites like “The Amazing iOS6 Maps” which hilariously documents failed attempts to use the “fantastic” new app. The phone has some redeeming qualities though. The fantastic camera, bigger screen, sleeker model, and improved Siri are almost enough to make you forget that you will never be able to find your way around the city again.

Tom Tom, which provided the data for the Apple app pointed fingers at Apple and has stood by their data. The glitches seem to be entirely app related and not map related in any way. Whether this is true or not won’t change the fact that both Tom Tom and Apple are feeling the heat for this subpar app. Let’s hope the malfunctions are sorted out quickly because Androids are looking pretty good right now.

For the desperate iPhone users who are surely missing Google Maps, Alex Marin has a guide here to help you out. It was a nice try Apple, but when something is already pretty damn good, maybe it is best to just let it be.