Is 'Inside Amy Schumer' cancelled? Amy Schumer says she "didn't fire" Kurt Metzger


The Kurt Metzger-Amy Schumer saga got a little bit more complicated Wednesday night when the star and creator of Inside Amy Schumer insinuated that future episodes of the Comedy Central show may be in question.

Earlier in the week, Metzger found himself on the receiving end of a great deal of backlash for what critics interpreted as defending Aaron Glaser, a comedian accused of sexual assault. Because Metzger was employed as a writer on Inside Amy Schumer, fans took to Twitter to ask Schumer about her employment of him. Her response on Twitter, in great part, was to block critics — until she eventually tweeted a statement on the issue.

Schumer's insistence that Metzger "does not work for" her and that "he is not a writer" on Inside Amy Schumer led some to assume Schumer had fired him. But Wednesday night, Schumer corrected the record.

"I didn't fire Kurt," she tweeted. "He isn't a writer for my show because we aren't making the show anymore. There are no writers for it."

There are a couple of ways to interpret Schumer's tweet. Perhaps all of her writers work on a year-to-year contract basis. Or perhaps Inside Amy Schumer has been cancelled entirely.

The former seems unlikely because Schumer retweeted a fan expressing disappointment that the show was ending. The latter also seems unusual, considering Inside Amy Schumer was already renewed by Comedy Central for a fifth season. The network has yet to release a statement to the contrary.

Earlier Wednesday, Metzger also alluded to the fact that he no longer served as a writer on Inside Amy Schumer on his Facebook page. Per Vulture, Metzger said his critics "want me fired from a job that doesn't exist."

Mic has reached out to Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer press representative and will update if we hear back.