Watch Frank Ocean street race Tyler, the Creator, because we still have no album


Frank Ocean is officially alive, and officially screwing around. Thursday morning, Tyler, the Creator's Golf Media reposted a Snapchat filmed by A$AP Rocky, showing Ocean and Tyler pulling up next to each other in separate cars, before getting into some into some old-fashioned trash talking. 

"Okay Franky, watch this, watch how little bro do it!" Tyler, the Creator shouts, revving his engine.

But the Odd Future captain was all talk. Ocean quickly takes the lead, cutting off the other rappers before the video ends.

Fans who are still impatiently waiting for Ocean's long-delayed Boy Don't Cry album weren't exactly thrilled watching the snap. Across Twitter, fans asked themselves: How can a man like Ocean drive so fast, yet stall so hard?

Of course, maybe Ocean was rushing to the studio to put the finishing touches on his album. But that, only his inner circle like knows, and they've been unwilling to share many details about the album.

"Art cannot be rushed," producer Malay, Ocean's frequent collaborator, said during a Reddit AMA Monday. "It's about making sure the perfect aesthetic for the situation has been reached, to do that, takes constant tweaking, trial and error." There still is no solid release date for the album, though signs point to it arriving as late as Nov. 13. Until then, boys will continue to cry watching Ocean enjoy his life in the fast lane while ghosting his fans.