Michelle Obama got the Rio 2016 gymnastics team to walk back their love of junk food


Michelle Obama is everyone's mom — if everyone's mom could use Twitter. 

On Wednesday, FLOTUS fired off a tweet that caused the two-time Olympian to pivot-turn on her public affection for french fries and ice cream.

It all started during a question-and-answer Twitter session with the U.S. women's gymnastics team, when actor (and Simone Biles crush object) Zac Efron asked the final five about their favorite cheat meal when they aren't training. 

Raisman responded, "FRENCH FRIES + CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM" — an appropriate use of all caps. 

About an hour later, Raisman noticed a tweet posted at 1:51 p.m. from FLOTUS herself, asking her what healthy foods keep her fueled. 

The gymnast told the first lady to ignore her ice cream tweet. 

After expressing her embarrassment via emoji, Raisman then answered the first lady's question with some healthy and delicious responses. 

Simone Biles also answered the first lady — but Biles' vague response keeps us in the dark about which fruits and veggies she likes. (Maybe mum's the word until she reveals new sponsors.)   

The team also made a video responding to Obama's question.

Looks like FLOTUS can't keep them away from ice cream forever, though. Biles and Raisman posed for a photo outside a McDonald's with three Russian gymnasts on Wednesday. 

If loving ice cream is wrong, we don't want the U.S. gymnasts to be right. Just like on a beam, a good diet is all about balance.