#TrumpExplainsMoviePlots is the hilarious hashtag you didn't know you needed this week

In a world where the "You're fired" guy from The Apprentice makes a successful bid for Republican presidential candidate, members of the United States electorate may sometimes feel like they're watching a movie.

Some days are a comedy that has you reaching for the popcorn. Other days, it's a horror flick you're forced to watch through your fingers.

Now thanks to #TrumpExplainsMoviePlots, a new hashtag campaign that debuted on Twitter recently, even previously unsullied classic movies that actually exist in real life are getting the Donald J. Trump treatment.

The hashtag lampoons Trump's candidacy by positing what it would be like to have him explain the plots of popular movies in his effervescent, Trumpish style.

"How many billions will wasteful gov spend to rescue Incompetent Matt Damon this time? He always loses&needs bailout," Twitter user @ZZoMBiE13 wrote, presumably of the viral Quora post that calculated how much fictional governments spent on fictional Matt Damon rescue missions. 

Another, who tweets as @ItsMegNotMegan, hypothesized how Trump might summarize the story of everyone's favorite boy wizard:

"Voldemort, great guy. Ridding the magic world of immigrants. Crooked Harry can't be trusted #MakeHogwartsGreatAgain #TrumpExplainsMoviePlots."

Check out some of the other gems below: