Arthur Nory Mariano would like to remind Zac Efron that he saw Simone Biles first, OK?

Simone Biles appears to be caught in a delightful (and jocular) love triangle between actor/sentient six-pack Zac Efron and fellow Olympic gymnast Arthur Nory Mariano.

Who saw Simone Biles first? That is the question at the heart of this important matter. Arthur Nory Mariano — whom Biles recently referred to as her "Brazilian boyfriend" in a playful tweet — says he did. The bronze medalist took to Instagram Wednesday to let Zac Efron know this.


Mariano's post is a clear response to the selfies of Zac Efron and Simone Biles that went viral earlier this week. The moment was a big deal because Biles has long been a known Zac Efron fangirl. She has even been housing a cardboard cutout of Efron in her bedroom since Christmas 2014, which: same.

In a wonderful twist, Efron became a fangirl of Biles himself during this summer's Olympic Games, which led to the pair's very climactic meet-up — complete with multiple cheek-kisses! — in Rio.

"Just call me Mrs. Efron already," Biles tweeted at one point during their mutual love-fest.

Hmm. "Mrs. Efron" seems to be a wee bit stronger use of language than "my Brazilian boyfriend." Just saying!