Here's what to know about Ryan Lochte's net worth, girlfriend and hair


American olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte — who won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics for the 4x200 relay race and has 12 medals overall — attracted media attention even before his somewhat questionable account of being robbed at gunpoint. 

Lochte was thrust into the spotlight recently after Brazilian officials determined he fabricated the story of a robbery in the early hours of Sunday, during the Rio Olympic games. Instead, he and three fellow teammates damaged a bathroom door during a "rowdy gas station confrontation," Associated Press reports.

Aside from possibly being a terrible liar, what else do we know about Lochte?

Making it rain: For starters, while we're on the subject of stolen wallets, how much is the dude worth? His estimated net worth comes out to $6.2 million, according to Money Nation, primarily from endorsements. 

Love in a hopeless place: We can't tell you his girlfriend's name because he doesn't have one right now.

However, rumors went flying at the start of the Summer Olympic when Lochte posted a Snapchat of Playboy playmate Kayla Rae Reid and himself canoodling. 

Never fear. The muscled lad undid broken hearts after declaring on the Today show Friday that he's single, looking for lady fun and his Tinder account is "verified."

You can tell a man's worth by the shade of his hair: Lochte said Tuesday via Twitter that his "hair is going back to its normal color," powerfully followed by the prayer hands emoji.

It's hard for us to definitively tell you what color it's been throughout the Olympic games, given Lochte wasn't too sure himself. 

"There's been a lot of talk about it," Lochte said Saturday, according to People. "Don't ask me what color it is, because I still don't know. I'm still trying to get that."

The swimmer ventured a guess as to his hair color's evolution: "It first started out as light bluish gray, and then it went to green. Now it's going back to blue, so it's all over the place." 

Key takeaways: The guy has a lot of money, is single and is confused about his hair. 

That's all you really need to know.