Naked Donald Trump statues are taking over the world, so heaven help us all

ByEJ Dickson

Quick — name the least appealing thing you can think of. Ketchup on an ice cream sundae? Sitting in your non-air-conditioned office in 99-degree heat? Licking the woolly side of a Brillo sponge after it's just been used to clean a three-day-old pan of scrambled eggs?

Au contraire, mon frere! The grossest thing in the world is a naked statue of Donald Trump — and yet, life-size renderings of his corpulent frame are seemingly everywhere.

Naked Donald Trump was spotted in San Francisco:

In Union Square:

In Los Angeles:

And in Seattle:

All told, naked Donald Trump sculptures made an appearance in five United States cities today, and with good reason. 

According to the Washington Post, an anarchist group called INDECLINE came up with the idea to strategically position nude sculptures of the Republican presidential nominee in cities across the country. Called "The Emperor Has No Balls," the project aims to poke fun at Trump's fragile masculinity by showcasing his goods, or, in this particular case, his lack thereof.

"Like it or not, Trump is a larger-than-life figure in world culture at the moment," an anonymous spokesperson for INDECLINE told the Washington Post. "Looking back in history, that's how those figures were memorialized and idolized in their time — with statues."

Not everyone is crazy about the statues: the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, for instance, issued a statement saying "NYC Parks stands firmly against any un-permitted erection in city parks, no matter how small" before removing the sculpture from Union Square Park. 

Still, as far as political statements go, this is a pretty effective way to prove that the Donald isn't nearly as yuge as he thinks he is — in more ways than one.