Chrissy Teigen just made a pretty solid point about the whole Ryan Lochte controversy

ByEJ Dickson

Chrissy Teigen is many things: model, lifestyle entrepreneur, mother of four-month-old baby daughter Luna. She is perhaps best known, however, for being a modern-day truth teller, and she was in top form with a recent tweet weighing in on the Ryan Lochte controversy.

In response to reports that Lochte had filed a false report claiming that he had been robbed at gunpoint while partying in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics, Teigen linked to a New York Times article about a 5-year-old Syrian boy that puts the whole story into perspective:

The image in question is of Omran Daqneesh, a 5-year-old boy rescued from an airstrike in Syria. In footage captured by the Aleppo Media Center, Daqneesh is seen covered in rubble and bleeding. (The center later confirmed that Daqneesh was injured in the attack, though he didn't suffer any brain damage.) 

The harrowing image of Daqneesh has come to symbolize the horrors of the civil war in Syria, as well as the rapidly climbing civilian death toll arising from conflict in the country. 

In later tweets, Teigen further clarified her stance, urging people to focus on Daqneesh's plight over the "stupid as shit gas station international incident" involving Lochte and other members of the U.S. Olympics swimming team: 

Lochte and his teammates made headlines earlier this week after they reported having been robbed at gunpoint while out partying in Rio. These claims were ultimately questioned by Brazilian authorities after they found inconsistencies between Lochte's account of the incident and that of his teammate, Jimmy Feigen. 

On Thursday evening, it was reported that Brazilian authorities have recommended indicting Lochte and Feigen on charges of filing a false police report. If convicted, the swimmers could face up to three years in prison

Aug. 19, 2016, 10:27 a.m.: This story has been updated to reflect that Brazilian authorities have recommended indictment against Lochte and Feigen. Initial reports indicated the charges had already been filed, but that is not yet the case.