Frank Ocean is back in his livestream. Is the 'Boys Don't Cry' release date upon us?


After weeks of looped nothingness, on Thursday night the mad genius Frank Ocean returned to his workshop, and for the first time since the Endless livestream began Aug. 1, he brought his music.

Tracks with light, electronic R&B beats, trap-driven songs, and ballads with acoustic guitar echoed throughout the shop. Several of the tracks sounded very similar to the ambient tracks Ocean had been playing in bits and pieces throughout his construction project, but now each has verses, beats and structure. He's figuratively been building the album, along with his staircase and suspense.

This may be the moment we've been waiting for. This may be Boys Don't Cry.

As of 11 p.m. Eastern the album was still playing. Spoken-word interludes separate many of the tracks. Some come with symphonic, flowing interludes to set up Ocean's vocal flourishes. Twitter began pulling out some of its best memes for the occasion, with users responding to each and every turn in the music.

Ocean, meanwhile, continues his work, stacking the boxes he's built on a pole. 

Tune in here, and bask in the muffled glory of the album that just earlier today seemed so impossibly far away.

Boys Don't Cry

August 18, 2016, 11:26 p.m.: The playlist, or album, or whatever beautiful collection of Ocean songs this is, has started to repeat. Frank's nearly done stacking stairs and the album is nearly through its second run — heavenly drill hi-hats, organ chords and all.

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