Matthew McConaughey has been making YouTube videos for years and no one noticed

For two years, Matthew McConaughey has been quietly uploading videos to his YouTube channel and the world has largely missed it — which is unfortunate because the videos are, for the most part, meant to encourage charitable donations.

"Hey, McConaughey here," the Academy Award-winning actor often introduces worthy causes he's promoting: clean drinking water for homeless kids; sponsoring a student in need. 

Esquire spotted the channel after a Reddit user brought it to the community's attention Friday. The video posted to Reddit now has over 1.3 million views, but the others lag behind.

McConaughey has other things to keep him occupied. Lately, he's been busy becoming the ultimate Olympics superfan and creative-directing whiskey brand Wild Turkey so it can ensnare those elusive millennial consumers. 

Yet the Olympics are winding down, and according to the Guardian, "sober is the new drunk" for the youths. (Dubious.) So maybe the internet could show McConaughey a little support in his YouTube endeavors. He's got so much to give.