Is this the most offensive baby onesie... ever?


Typically, baby onesies are stitched with cute little cats, or slogans like "I'm new here" across the front. They are not usually where you'd find gross and offensive statements involving consent to sexual activity. 

That is, until the website, whose tagline is "Dress yourself to impress yourself," started selling a onesie that says, "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get my consent" printed across the front. 

You know, like that one Spice Girls song, but now it's about sexual consent, which is somethinga baby cannot give someone because — it's a baby!

The onesie, tagged with both "patriarchy" and "feminism," fits children from 6 months old to 24 months old and comes in three different colors: heather grey, baby blue and baby pink.

"Stand tall and stand proud," the onesie's description reads. "Wear this sassy feminist design, raise your fist, and use the power of glittering 90s nostalgia to punch the patriarchy square in the junk."

Or, you could not buy this onesie and, you know, not use your child as a billboard for pedophilia.

Other onesies for children sold on include one that reads "If you wanna be my lover you gotta be rich and close to death" and "Whose boob do I have to suck to get a drink around here," proving either that someone at is definitely not doing their job, or that retailers are no longer afraid of sexualizing children.

There have been plenty of T-shirts marketed to young people that nod towards rape, from a T-shirt that reads "Dead girls can't say no" to a shirt with the words "Don't say maybe if you want to say no." But this is one of the first times (we hope) sexual assault and pedophilia has been referenced on a baby's onesie. 

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