iPhone 5 Problems: iOS 6 Apple Maps App Feels Like the Movie Inception


If by now you're not familiar with the Tumblr blog "The Amazing iOS 6 Maps," you're missing out on the online conversation surrounding Apple's newly released operating system iOS 6. To make a long story short, Apple broke up with Google over Android. As a result, the Cupertino company decided to substitute Google Maps, one of iPhone's favorite applications, with its own version. And Apple fans are not impressed. 

A tsunami of bad social media ensued Apple's otherwise brilliant release of iPhone 5. Users haven't been shy about showing their dissatisfaction through multiple social media channels. To be clear, they're not unhappy with the phone, but with its integrated maps application. Basically, Apple maps lacks businesses locations, navigating instructions, and other data and features that have made Google Maps the leader in its field. Like PolicyMic tech expert Belinda Moreira said, "why try to reinvent the wheel?"  

The glitch originated the previously referenced Tumblr blog, as well as numerous online memes mocking Apple maps' inaccurate directions as well as pixelated images. One of the first Apple maps' screenshots that circulated on the internet shows a highway the way it would look right after a severe earthquake. This prompted trollish comparisons with the movie Inception, by Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan.

So far, iPhone users are coping with the Google Maps loss by downloading their beloved app as a "web app" right from their browser Safari and into their new and swanky iPhone 5s. But it's not the same. Meanwhile, Google has suggested it would launch Google Maps as a native application. But probably, for die-hard iPhone and Google Maps fans, this solution won't work either. Was this a costly mistake from Apple that it will probably give Android an opening in the market of disillusioned users? Only time will tell. 

Watch the trailer of Inception: