Twitter's "night mode" update could save your eyesight — here's how to install it

This Twitter update is great news for iPhone users. Twitter's new "night mode" feature, which debuted on Android back in July, has launched on iOS. The option reconfigures the app's color scheme to a darker hue, making it easier for you to scroll through your timeline late into the twilight hours without straining your eyes. The feature is available for both iPhone and iPad.

Twitter tweeted the news on Monday with easy directions for activating the mode. Simply tap the gear button on your profile page and you'll find the option in a drop-down menu. Night mode can be activated during all hours in case you prefer black and blue as the app's default look.

Last year, Twitter hired developer Joaquim Vergès to create the feature for its Android app after he implemented the mode on his highly successful Falcon Pro Twitter client for Android. I think I speak for all iOS users when I say thank you, Joaquim.