Emmy Awards Winners 2012: American Horror Story, Louis CK, and Modern Family Win Big Tonight


TV fans get ready excited because tonight are the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The list of shows this year makes it seem as if TV is in some sort of golden: Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Homeland, Breaking Bad ... and those are only the dramas. Will the Emmy go to Jon Hamm or Bryan Cranston? Will Claire Danes win? And will Modern Family and Mad Men be this year's golden children once again? 

The evening will be hosted by none other than TV's new late night darling Jimmy Kimmel, who always seems to carry these hosting gigs off like a total pro. 

The festivities get started off at 7 p.m. EST with a pre-show and red carpert special; the ceremony itself kicks off at 8. In addition to the awards, tonight's big presenters include Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, Zooey Deschanel, and Louis C.K. This is the biggest night in television, so let's get ready to rumble. 

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11:00 pm: And another Emmy's is over. Thanks for sticking around. Good night everybody.

10:56 pm: And best comedy series, shockingly, Modern Family. The reign is not over people.

10:55 pm: Michael J. Fox gets a standing ovation. Tears in my eyes. This is amazing.

10:52 pm: Only one more to go. My money is on Mad Men. Prove me wrong Emmy's!

10:48 pm: No record for Mad Men tonight. Homeland wins for outstanding drama series. 

10:46 pm: Not much suspense here. Game Change wins for outstanding TV movie or mini-series. Tom Hanks speaking a mile a minute in his acceptance speech. Woah.

10:38 pm: Kevin Costner wins an Emmy. I love him, though his open collar look is a little much. 

10: 37 pm: Jay Roach wins for directing Game Change. Looks like it's a big night for the Palin-McCain film.

10:36 pm: Emily VanCamp giving out awards! Makes me so excited for Revenge season 2. 

10:28 pm: And back to back awards for Game Change. Julianne Moore wins for her portrayal of Sarah Palin.

10:27 pm: Game Change, the Sarah Palin John McCain mini-series wins it.

10:26 pm: Outstanding writing for a mini-series or movie is underway. Lucy Liu look like she's in armor. 

10:15 pm: Took me two and a half hours to figure out why Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were seated in the front row. Anwer equals Hemingway and Gellhorn.

10:15 pm: Winner? Tom Berenger for Hatfields and McCoys. 

10:14 pm: Outstanding supporting actor in a mini-series or movie is the situation right now. 

10:13 pm: Liking that they just have Ellen Degeneres standing next to this corporate dude.

10:10 pm: Ashley Judd just tweeted this picture of herself and I have no idea what's going on with her hair. 

10:06 pm: Jessica Lange wins for her work in American Horror Story. 

10:04 pm: As the Miniseries and Movies are presented just a little Sarah Palin/Julianne Moore comparison for kicks. 

10:02 pm: Jimmy Kimmel's dad does look like Wolf Blizer. No lie. 

9:57 pm: Jon Stewart is giving the most gracious and beautiful speech. And then he gets bleeped out at the end. I love it. 

9:56 pm: Wow. The Daily Show wins its tenth consecutive Emmy.

9:54 pm: Ricky Gervais was a breath of fresh air. 

9:53 pm: Glenn Weiss wins from the control room. Dig that. He wins for directing the Tony's.

9:50 pm: Ricky Gervais, "They've flown me over for a big one, outstanding directing in a variety special."

9:45 pm: Louis C.K. wins for variety show writing. Pretty awesome. Two awards for this guy tonight.

9:39 pm: Yup. 

9:37 pm: This is the moment that Claire Danes wins right?

9:36 pm: Tina Fey and Jon Hamm together again. It's like the 30 Rock glory days.

9:28 pm: I CANNOT believe that Jon Hamm didn't win. WHAT IS GOING ON? Damian Lewis wins for Homeland.

9:26 pm: OMG for that Jimmy Kimmel in memoriam sequence.

9:25 pm: Boardwalk Empire wins for best direction in a drama series. Really anyone's game for best drama show. 

9:17 pm: Yay Maggie Smith! Yay Downton Abbey! Finally, finally. 

9:16 pm: It kind of blows my mind that this got over 2,000 retweets in two minutes. 

9:13 pm: Homeland wins for best writing for a drama ... guess I need to start watching Homeland! This also makes me think that maybe Mad Men won't win for best show ... hmmm

9:12 pm: Yes for Tracy Morgan.

9:11 pm: Lol for Seth MacFarlane

9:05 pm: Supporting actor in a drama goes to Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad. Adorable and lovely win but I want my Downton Abbey wins!

9:03 pm: Mindy Kaling tweets live from inside: 

9:00 pm: Tom Bergeron wins for best reality show host ... I do always like it when someone wins for the first time.

8:59 pm: Seth MacFarlane presenting. He is amaze, and I think he has hosting potential in his future. I also wonder how reality TV show hosts feel getting scorned.  

8:57 pm: We might be in a television Renaissance but The Big Bang Theory shocks me with how unfunny it is.

8:55 pm: Honestly this is what I think of when I see Dawson, I mean James, and it makes me feel 15 and naive.

8:52 pm: The Amazing Race wins for best reality program. I dig. 

8:51 pm: This revival of James Van Der Beek as a celeb makes me so happy.

8:48 pm: Amy Poehler = totally amazing and hilarious. <3 her. 

8:45 pm: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss wins for Veep. Predicted but lovely!

8:39 pm: Jon Cryer wins it for best actor in a comedy. Bravo! Well deserved! He held that show down during the Charlie Sheen insanity and for that anyone deserves an Emmy.

8:38 pm: Ok is this finally a category Modern Family can't win in?

8:34 pm: Steve Levitan wins for best direction in ... wait for it ... Modern Family.

8:27 pm: Love Modern Family and happy for Julie Bown but Kristen Wiig shoulda won that. 

8:23 pm: Julie Bowen wins again. Looks like the Modern Family obsession continues into yet another year. Ty Burrel tearing up is pretty cute. This is an image of Bowen from last year ... looks like she'll have one of these every year. 

8:22 pm: Supporting actress in a comedy is being overshadowed by Kat Dennings' boobs.

8:19 pm: Louis C.K. wins for best writing. Pretty awesome you guys. 

8:13 pm: Eric Stonestreet wins it for his portrayal of Cam on Modern Family. The voiceover cracked me up, "He helped raise pigs as a young men." 

8:12 pm: Supporting actor in a comedy series. This is the all Modern Family category.

8:11 pm: Louis C.K. and Amy Poehler starting out the awards giving. Lovin' it.

8:10 pm: OMG this comedy montage! Love television. LOVE television.

8:07 pm: I like that Jon Hamm scrunched his face when Jimmy Kimmel called him "very handsome." 

8:06 pm: Jimmy Kimmel: "I don't think the president should be watching "Homeland" for the same reason I don't think Charlie Sheen should be watching "Breaking Bad.""

8:05 pm: Politics is already happening "40 Republicans and the rest godless liberal homosexuals." 

8:03 pm: I love this opening sequence. All of TV's greatest women in one place. 

8:00 pm: This faux backstage Jimmy Kimmel situation is actually hilarious. 

7:57 pm: Zooey Deschanel looks like every little girl's fairy tale dream. 

7:48 pm: Christina Hendriks and her hubby Geoffrey Arend. New fave couple.

7:46 pm: This whole Rico Rodriguez and his mom storyline on ABC right now is just out of control 

7:46 pm: Christina Hendriks = Va va voom. 

7:41 pm: A new drinking game is born. Shots every time the ABC hosts ask the stars about the hot weather. 

7:36 pm: I'm sure Julie Bowen is thrilled that @TwitterTV tweeted this one out: 

7:31 pm: Claire Danes, can we be best friends already? 

7:27 pm: Emily VanCamp of Revenge fame looking pretty glam in floorlength grey. 

7:24 pm: The ABC red carpet host has now officially turned into mush in the presence of Sofia Vergara.

7:23 pm: Is this gonna be an awards night all about politics? Political questions already flying on the red carpet. 

7:20 pm: Jimmy Kimmel tweets from the backstage ether:

7:17 pm: Kristen Wiig tugging at my heart strings talking about Saturday Night Live. 

7:14 pm: Heidi Klum is taking slits to another level: 

7:04 pm: Jon Cryer's bracelet looks like the friendship bracelet Joey gave Chandler on Friends. 

7:01 pm: Welcome to the program! We are officially underway and the stars are beginning to arrive so let's get this Emmy's party started.

6:13 pm: If Bryan Cranston and Made Men win tonight they will both set records. Are they going to win? 

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