Maisie Williams warns fans: "Nothing will prepare you" for 'Game of Thrones' season 7


As if there needed to be any more reason to be excited for Game of Thrones' seventh season, Maisie Williams has read part of the new season. The result? It's probably very good, as she described the season quite succinctly on Twitter: "Shit gets REAL." 

Williams — who was nominated for her first Emmy this year for her portrayal of Arya Stark on the HBO series, and promptly shared her excitement on Twitter then too — noted in a series of tweets Monday that fans won't be prepared for what happens next.

Unfortunately: She's right. Now that the show has surpassed its source material — George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels — there's really no way of knowing what narrative turns the series is going to take next (its next "holy BALLS" moment, if you will). 

Redditors, for their part, are aware of the daunting task ahead of them. They've been speculating as much as they possibly can while waiting for season seven, which is delayed until summer 2017. 

A girl and her tweets have stoked the postulatory fire.