Is there such a thing as the perfect hangover breakfast? We asked the experts.


Good morning! Regretting how much you drank last night? As you're alive and breathing, you're good to go. And now you get to enjoy a perfect hangover breakfast.

Does it get any better? Skeptics may disagree, but we've unearthed some hangover breakfast wisdom for those who need the extra morning boost.

A dietitian's opinion

"There really are no 'cures' for a hangover; many traditional hangover remedies are ineffective and some can actually make you feel worse," Alexandra Miller, corporate dietitian at Medifast Inc., said in an email. "The only real way to avoid the misery of a hangover is to drink in moderation the night before, or to stay away from alcohol entirely."

Obviously, overindulgence is easy and hangovers are occasionally inevitable with partiers. "Recovery from a hangover is usually just a matter of time ... If you're suffering from a hangover, opt for a light breakfast that incorporates nutrient-rich and easy-to-digest foods, such as fresh fruits (e.g. bananas, dates or kiwi) and vegetables (e.g. dark leafy greens), oatmeal, whole grain toast, egg whites, low-fat yogurt and/or a clear soup or broth (e.g. chicken noodle soup or chicken broth)," Miller said. Turns out that a classic bacon, egg and cheese isn't necessarily the best post-tequila treatment. 

In addition, drink plenty of water to help rehydrate your body.


A doctor's opinion 

"Curing a hangover is all about fluid," Dr. Eric Braverman, director of PATH Medical in New York, said in an email. "A big pitcher of water will help. What you really want though, in addition to water, are antioxidants, like an N-Acetyl Cysteine or magnesium supplement."


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As you probably know, alcohol is a dehydrator, so during a hangover, you need you need to replenish what drinking takes away from you. 

"Anything that helps with cognition will also help with a hangover, like choline powder, B vitamins and Vitamin C," Braverman said. "While it might not seem like breakfast, foods like asparagus and spinach can help, because they contain sulfur." If vegetables aren't your ideal post-drunk morning meal, try hiding them in an omelet to make them more appetizing. 

A chef's opinion 

Chef Chris Jaeckle, co-founder of New York's Uma Temakeria (home to the city's first sushi burrito, sadly not an endorsed hangover breakfast), relies on a single ingredient to beat the post-drinking blues: spicy mayo. 

"When I worked at Morimoto, I would need something quick and delicious to slop up the previous night's liquor before shift," he said. "There were a lot of options, but I would always end up eating their spicy mayo on sushi rice. For some reason, that always hit the spot!"

Spread it on your morning bacon, egg and cheese, squirt it over fried eggs or stir it into your favorite hangover elixir, but Jaeckle swears by spicy mayo. "It's got that spice to make you sweat out any toxins you've had the night before and it's a pretty simple prep for when you aren't feeling 100%." he said. 

Here's his recipe: 

Spicy mayo

16 oz mayo 

4 oz Tobanjan (or similar spicy chili paste) 

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp lime juice 

2 oz sesame oil

1 oz Tobiko

Mix all ingredients together and serve over sushi rice, Jaeckle's go-to hangover meal. Or just eat it by the spoonful if you had that kind of night. No judgment.