'Rings' trailer revisits 'The Ring' 11 years later

You would think the death of VHS would deter people from watching that creepy video of a girl coming out of a well that will kill you in seven days, but alas, Samara is adapting to the times. Eleven years after the release of The Ring 2, the first trailer for the third film in the horror franchise, Rings, is out and it appears as if Samara's horror show is going digital. 

Rings sets up a similarly precarious situation for the protagonist: She's watched the video, and now she has seven days to figure out how to save herself. But it looks like whatever she tries to accomplish goes awry, as Samara's video plays on several airplane monitors, and apparently, could crash a plane. 


The trailer also sets up an answer to a question some horror buffs might have pondered with the original film: If she comes out of a TV screen, why not bust the TV? Yeah, that doesn't stop Samara. 


You can check out the trailer for Rings, which will be released Oct. 28, below: