This 'Stranger Things' theory posits that Eleven is the Demogorgon


There are some odd happenstances in the fictitious town of Hawkins, Indiana, in Netflix's Stranger Things that invite discussion.

(Editor's note: Spoilers ahead for the first season of Stranger Things.)

For example: Why did nobody seem to care that Barb was killed? Yet the biggest mysteries inherently lie in the show's antagonist: a creepy, faceless monster from an alternate dimension, which the kids in the show refer to as the Demogorgon (we'll do the same). 

But while we'd like the Duffer Brothers to expound on the Upside Down and why the Demogorgon lays eggs in a widely expected second season of the show, fans might've already discovered an important secret about the monster: It's actually Eleven. 

The theory, put together in sketch form by Uproxx, is quite convincing — with several pieces of evidence to support it. For one, there's the name of the monster the kids coin: Demogorgon. It's in reference to an actual Dungeons & Dragons creature with two heads that are always in conflict: one that's destructive and one that's deceptive. It's an easy parallel to Eleven and the monster, since she is deceptively powerful — and powerfully deceptive — despite her appearance. (She can literally flip over a van with her mind!) 


To really nail this, the show — ever-prescient about its similarities with the X-Men — shows a scene where Mike is given a copy of X-Men #134, which famously includes Jean Grey's struggle with her dual personas, Phoenix and Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey, like Eleven, has telekinetic powers). 

Additionally, the Demogorgon does appear to use telekinesis at one point. In the series pilot, when the Demogorgon approaches Will Byers' house before taking him into the Upside Down, it opened the door's chain lock from the outside — presumably with telekinesis. 


The theory could explain why she and the Demogorgon vanished in the season finale. However, based on the ambiguity of the Duffer Brothers' ending regarding the characters' fate(s) — and their interest in continuing Eleven's story — it's likely we'll see more of Eleven (and possibly the Demogorgon) in season two.  

Watch Uproxx's full breakdown of the theory, complete with awesome, handmade sketches, below.