iPhone 5 Problems: Apple Tries to Steal Google Maps Staff to Fix Its iOS 6 Maps Mess


After a week in which Apple received mixed reviews from the launch of its highly anticipated iPhone 5 and iOS 6 operating system, the company is ready to fix the Public Relations mishap generated by its flawed new maps solution after the Apple/Google break up, over competing smart phone Android, prompted Apple to drop Google Maps from its new operating system -- leaving millions of iPhone/Google Maps lovers in the dark. 

And what a better way of doing so that by stealing your competition's talent? According to Tech Crunch, Apple is "aggressively recruiting" Google Maps staff in order to improve its new iOS 6 Maps application, which due to its failures has gained the Cupertino company the "iPhone 5 problems" moniker in numerous online memes -- including the ironic Tumblr blog "The Amazing iOS 6 Maps."  

Using recruiters, Apple is reportedly going Google Maps staffers as a quick way to develop its new product. This strategy of "luring away" Google workers, though, could backfire as many tech workers sign confidentiality agreements which prevent them from revealing the company's secrets to the competition once the contractual relationship is ended. 

However, this is a potential legal risk that Apple seems to be willing to undergo. And many of these employees seem eager to go along with the tactic, due in part to the opportunity of working for one of the only tech giants that at this point is able to rival Google.  

According to a Tech Crunch's source — a contractor who worked on Google Maps as part of a massive undertaking to integrate Street View and newly licensed third-party data to improve European coverage, as well as develop the platform’s turn-by-turn navigation — when attention turned to indoor mapping, things started to become less interesting and a lot of staff began looking around for other opportunities. 

That, apparently, turned out to be good timing for Apple which seems to be "actively looking for more talent" to add to its team. And while there’s a long and steep hill to climb for Apple in order to reach the level of Google Maps, the Cupertino company believes that the possibility of building a platform that truly competes with Google Maps is well within reach. Will Google enter a legal battle with Apple similar to the Cupertino company with Samsung over patents? Stay tuned.