Dwayne Johnson is the ultimate DILF and his daughter is too cute for words

Dwayne Johnson in a black suit, and a white shirt

Wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson is arguably the nation's sexiest 44-year-old father of two, and his Instagram proves it.

He recently posted an Instagram video of his baby daughter playing with his head. And she's such a cute little drummer. Between this chiseled guy and the piping-hot dose of the feels, my ovaries just might explode. 

"[The] song playing in the background is 'O Tiare' (Justin Young), a song I started singing to her every day since she was 1 week old," Johnson wrote in the Instagram post, along with the hashtags #Grateful, #Ohana, #Alga and #SlapDaddysHeadCauseItsABigToy.

In the post, Johnson also joked about how he now needs to do something "badass" and "manly" to counterbalance the straight shot of emotions. Does he really? We already know Johnson can kick ass, drive fast cars and look incredible in a suit. We haven't forgotten. 

However, the second season of Ballers also showed us a more sophisticated (and equally badass) side of the actor. We finally see his on-screen character in vulnerable positions, showing there's talent beyond that trademark action hero swagger. Meanwhile, in real life, the Rock shut down production for his daughter's birth. He can change diapers and look great in fast cars. We like hot dads that do both.  

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images

In the meantime, Johnson is also giving voice to Maui, a leading character in the upcoming Disney movie about a brave and independent Polynesian girl named Moana

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Forget the Fast & Furious Dwayne Johnson. This side of the movie star is just as manly in our eyes. These moments are the living definition of the term "DILF."