Ron Paul Went From Candidate to Movement in Just One Election Cycle


Love him or hate him, Ron Paul has been more relevant in this election season than Obama and Romney, regarding a clear vision for change and recovery for America.

And though the former governor of Massachusetts, and CEO of private equity firm Bain Capital, is now the official Republican presidential nominee the ideas espoused by the Texas libertarian Congressman during his 2012 presidential run are the ones taking hold of a new generation of young liberty lovers, who are now turning their attention away from a media-dominated horse-style presidential race -- that many believe offers a false choice between two members of different parties but the same status quo.

Instead, "Paulbots," as they are derisively called by Democrats and the establishment wing of the Republican Party, are now identifying and targeting the real issues that are affecting our country; namely, what they say is the overreach of the Obama administration regarding the Federal Reserve and its recently enacted quantitative easing (QE3) -- dismissed by many as yet another stimulus/bailout of the bipartisan economic policies that have failed America during the last several decades. 

Last Saturday, protesters took to the streets to rally against this very same issue. The movement, grouped under the "End the Fed" banner, mirrors both the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movements in the sense that they are making use of their First Amendments rights to highlight what they think is wrong with the government, the political parties and America in general. 

However, this Ron Paul-inspired new movement differs from the Tea Part and OWS in that its aim is more focused and relevant. Were this burgeoning movement become bigger, it'd be harder for the traditional parties to co-opting it, such as when both the Republican and Democrat parties did with the Tea Party and OWS respectively.   

Which demonstrates what Ron Paul followers have been saying all along. The Texas congressman is not just a presidential candidate in a system rigged from its core, but a voice of reason which is prompting an awakening among young Americans of what our real priorities are as a nation (and they are definitely not Ann Romney's pretty Olympic horse or Michelle Obama's friendship with Beyonce and Jay Z).