Mumford and Sons New Album Babel: Song I Will Wait Defines the Folk Sound


Babel is a wise second album from Mumford & Sons. Considering the success of their debut Sigh No More, it would have been short sighted to stray too far away from their trademark nu-folk sound just yet.

Some might say Babel is too much of the same; a harsh criticism considering this album is more arena friendly, again, a very smart move from Mumford & Sons as you can’t truly build on a sound if the masses are unable to witness it (think back to the rise of U2). Expect to hear Mumford & Sons everywhere for the remainder of 2012.

A “vibe” is something you are sure to feel from Babel, and to truly experience that vibe, make sure you get out and see them play this live. I can already imagine it will be an unforgettable experience because during my first listen of this album, I felt like I was in a warm country pub on a stormy Sunday afternoon, or better yet, the third class decks of the Titanic partying the night away. Now, imagine that feeling live. This feeling you get from the music also helps further Mumford & Sons own claims that they are, "The poor mans Beatles." It's always encouraging when a band shows a real understanding of their own sound, and when given some thought, this claim makes complete musical sense.

I don’t believe any piece of music could be summed up in four words but; God Fearing Rustic Rhythms, does a lot to explain the music on this album. If that sounds good to you then you’ll love the songs; “Babel,” “I Will Wait,” and “Lover of the Light” if you need something a little more emotive then you’ll appreciate; “Ghost That We Knew,” and “Lovers eyes.” Either way the song “I Will Wait” really does a great deal to define this album so if you’re unsure about buying Babel, then listen to this first.

If you like what you hear then go and buy Babel .... you’ll enjoy every minute of it! 


Best Tracks: “Babel,” “I Will wait,” “Holland Road,” “Hopeless Wanderer.”