Let this Muslim YouTuber tell you why the burkini ban really doesn't make any sense


In several cities in the south of France, the burkini, a swimsuit that covers everything except your face, hands and feet, has been banned. As expected, this has caused outrage across the world, with images already going viral of armed guards approaching families with women who just happen to be wearing burkinis. 

As Mic previously reported, the rules are as Islamophobic as they are sexist. And now, according to YouTuber Dina Torkia, who has more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, the ban makes absolutely no sense at all. 

In a new 13-minute video, titled "Banning the Burkini," Torkia attempts to explain why the burkini ban isn't really a ban on these full-coverage bathing suits at all. 

"How are you going to ban the burkini? You're banning a woman from covering herself if she wants to. That's what you're doing," she says. 

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Really, it's a ban specifically on Muslim women wanting to cover up at the beach, and also, specifically, a ban on the name. As she points out, if she were to wear a diving suit with a swim cap, wouldn't it be the same thing? 

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And then, she offers a bit of advice for people looking to sell burkinis. 

"Basically, all companies that produce burkinis — this is a piece of advice for you guys," she says. "Don't call them burkinis. Call them diving suits with headgear included." 

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"Call them all-in-one cycling, swimming, gymnast, diving suit," Torkia continues. "Call them 'all-in-one sports suit!' Call them something like that, then they can't get banned." 

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"If I walked up to the beach wearing a diving suit and a swimming head cap, if they knew I was Muslim, they would tell me to get off," Torkia says. "Because to them, that's a burkini, but it's not. It's a diving suit." 


"This doesn't make sense!" Torkia screams, before going off about all the reasons that France has offered in response to the ban. 

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So, here is Torkia's point: You can say you want to ban the burkini, but what you're really doing is banning Muslim women who want to cover up at the beach. More than that, is France going to try to ban things that aren't burkinis, that just happen to also cover everything except your hair, hands and feet? Are they going to ban diving suits that cover exactly the amount of skin and hair that a Muslim woman might want to cover? 

Where does it end? 

You can watch Torkia's entire video below: