Of course the QR codes in 'Mr. Robot' actually work — here's the latest one

However you may feel about the second season of Mr. Robot, you can't deny the show's commitment to tech realism. What other show rewards you for watching with a QR reader in your pocket? 

Mr. Robot first served us up a delicious easter egg in the form of a black-and-white square grid in the season two premiere — the QR code in Elliot's notebook was scannable, taking you to an amateur '90s website for Confictura Industries

And in Thursday night's episode, viewers with a QR reader app were once again indulged — the QR code Darlene used to pay a connection hush money in the form of Ecoins — the show's nod to the virtual currency Bitcoin — actually worked. 

When I scanned the QR code (I used QR Reader for iOS), it sent me to an E-coin website. A segment of the E-Corp webpage, it appears to just be an ad for the digital currency, displaying a group of friends in a car, seemingly stoked about this "new currency for a new era," a bright and shiny visual contrast to Mr. Robot's dystopian doom and gloom.

Look how excited about the future they are!Mic

In the Mr. Robot universe, even a glimpse of a pixelated square can lead you somewhere new. Keep those eyes peeled, friends.