Chicago reporter leaks secret KFC recipe he found in an old Colonel Sanders scrapbook

If the fast food industry had a Wikileaks, this would be it. 

An intrepid reporter named Jay Jones has found the so-called secret recipe for KFC fried chicken, Chicago Tribune reported. 

The reporter visited Corbin, New York, to research a story on Colonel Sanders, the formidable tastemaker that created the secret KFC fried chicken recipe. Joe Ledington, Sanders' nephew, showed the reporter a family scrapbook that had a recipe for an "11-spice" mixture, the Tribune reported. 

The recipe reads: 

11 spices mix with 2 cups white flour

• 2/3 tablespoon salt

Though Ledington asserted it was real when chatting with Jones, the Sanders' relative later retracted his certainty and told Jones he didn't know for sure. 

If legitimate, it "ranks among corporate America's most closely guarded secrets," Jones wrote in the Tribune. 

Is this the true holy grail of fast food secrets? KFC has yet to confirm whether or not this the true recipe. Meanwhile, the Tribune conducted a very important experiment — it put the spices and herbs to a taste test, and testers said the recipe was even better than the Colonel's KFC chicken. 

Sounds like this case is closed, with a finger-lickin'-good conclusion.