When will Netflix have season 3 of 'When Calls the Heart?'

Nothing says television drama escapism like a budding romance in a small, early-20th-century Canadian coal-mining town. Such is the case for Hallmark Channel's romantic drama When Calls the Heart. The series, which was renewed for a fourth season in April, has its first two seasons readily available to binge on Netflix for non-cable subscribers. But more importantly for fans, when will season three be added to the streaming service? 

Unfortunately, a definitive release date on Netflix hasn't been set, but based on when its second season came out, we have a pretty good idea of when it might be made available. According to USA Today, When Calls the Heart's second season was added to Netflix on Jan. 21, roughly one month before the show's third season premiered on the Hallmark Channel in February. 

Assuming the show's fourth season has a similar release schedule in mind, expect When Calls the Heart season three to make it to Netflix in early 2017. 

In the meantime, enjoy this cute clip of Jack and Elizabeth bickering, and then kissing, as a symbolic gesture of your impatience with Netflix's release schedule — and how grateful you'll be once season three is out.