'Finding Prince Charming' trailer shows Lance Bass guiding a gaggle of gays to love


Here is a partial list of the things you will see in the trailer for Finding Prince Charming, Logo's new gay version of The Bachelor, hosted by Lance Bass, which premieres in September.

• The titular Prince Charming, Robert Sepulveda Jr., emerges from the water as the gaggle of men vying for his heart cross the beach. "A real-life James Bond," one of the men calls Robert. Robert's hair somehow gets wetter from one shot to the next.


• "I know that love is very close," Robert tells us, his loyal viewers. Mere seconds later, he says he's fallen in love with "several of the guys." So love was perhaps too close!

• "We have feelings for the same guy, and it's absolutely crazy in this house now," one of the contestants says. A bunch of people with feelings for the same person is, of course, the fundamental point of The Bachelor, which is entering its 21st season this fall.

• There is lots of boxing.


• "Some people think that this is a game," says one of the contestants on a reality game show.

• "I never came on to you!" one contestant insists to another, proving one of the fundamental problems with a same-sex Bachelor format.

• "No one's gonna fucking bite me, because I'm gonna attack," says one contestant who perhaps suspects one of his fellow suitors is secretly Mike Tyson.

• One contestant sums up how it feels to read the suitors' bios:


• One contestant fights with a full glass of white wine in his hand.

• Another contestant threatens to call the cops.

• Robert, the prince, kisses some dudes.

• Everyone cries.


• One contestant says, earnestly, "Every gay man understands what it's like to be an underdog." The uniformly gorgeous contestants then toast to their search for love in a beautiful mansion's equally stunning kitchen.

• "He dances like Mrs. Doubtfire!" one contestant says as another contestant does this:


• "Everyone deserves love," a man says at the end of a trailer for a show about 13 men fighting each other for one person's love.

Finding Prince Charming debuts September 8 at 9 p.m. Eastern on Logo. Watch the full trailer at Vulture.