Obama vs Romney Polls: Why the Facts Are Strikingly Absent From Media Coverage of Election 2012


Everyday the mainstream media hits the American public with headlines of polls showing who is in the lead for the race to the presidency. Then another verbal gaff is reported and the race resumes again. Romney, Obama. Obama, Romney. Mainstream media should be held in contempt by the American people. And maybe the people are waking up. New polls also show 60% of the public doesn’t trust the mainstream media anymore.

Our republic has a democracy problem thanks to the mind control tactics of the mainstream media.  guy named Edward Bernays started it when he showed the government how to control people’s emotions on issues by controlling the media.  So, the media was bought by the political power machine and the stories are slanted to sway public opinion in directions more amendable to controlling the masses on issues favor of the monied elite.

Pro-war, anti-war, right to life, pro-choice, the haves versus the have-nots are all topics addressed by the mainsteam. How about some articles about a two party system that shuts out all other candidates because of legislation or “rules” imposed on the voting public? Why aren’t there articles about other candidates and their platforms? How about some articles that educate the public about the roots of the problems in our economic situation? Why not tell the public that the loss of manufacturing is a key element in why we are where we are today? And what about educating the public about past policies that have eroded our manufacturing base?

If neither of the two main candidates are willing to address the issues, instead of bickering over tax returns, whether “you didn’t make that” or not, shouldn’t the mainstream media have moral responsibility to present the facts instead of the slants?

But I guess to pull back the curtain and reveal the secret about, propaganda and mind control is the last thing mainstream media wants. So until then, the best we who are “awake” can hope, is mainstream media being gagged by a growing alternative media that is willing to educate the public with the facts.