A drone captured the extreme damage wrought by the earthquake in Italy

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake shook central Italy on Wednesday, tumbling buildings in mountain towns and sending aftershocks that reached over 100 miles to Rome. At least 250 people were killed, according to CNN, and over 360 were wounded. 

Photos — like this side-by-side shot of Amatrice — highlight the severity of the quake's destruction, but drone footage of Pescara del Tronto, a town that was badly hit, shows just how extensive the damage truly is. 

The houses that haven't been reduced to rubble are blasted with holes, missing sides and even missing halves. It appears many of the town's buildings have fallen down, blocking the road, and rescuers can be seen picking their way through the ruins. 

According to the BBC, over 4,300 rescue workers have been dispatched to the affected areas. As fire officer Gianni Macerata told the news outlet, they're digging out every living creature they find. 

"It doesn't matter to us if it's a person or an animal," Macerata said, "we save it."