This is how to figure out what Facebook thinks your politics are

The genius robots that live inside your Facebook are constantly working to figure you out as a consumer — and taking a peek into who Facebook thinks you are through your clicks is pretty interesting. To find out where Facebook thinks you fall on the spectrum of U.S. political ideology, start out by going to while you're signed in to your Facebook account.

Click on the "Lifestyle and culture" section.

Then click on the "Lifestyle and Culture" section. One of the boxes below should be labeled "U.S. Politics" (you may need to hit "see more" a few times before it shows up). There, in parentheses, is whatever Facebook thinks your political orientation is. Go ahead, try it!

If that level of scrutiny from your social network seems freaky, it's just the tip of the iceberg — Facebook is probably also listening to you through the many microphones in your devices. But don't worry, Facebook isn't using the data it picks up through eavesdropping for targeted ads — it says.