Truck bomb detonates at police headquarters in Cizre, Turkey, killing 11 and injuring 78

A truck bomb detonated Friday near a checkpoint and police headquarters in Cizre, a town in southeastern Turkey, leaving 11 dead and 78 injured.

The Kurdish Workers Party, also referred to as the PKK, took responsibility for the attack. 

Cizre, situated very close to the Syrian border, lies in Kurdistan, an unofficial region Kurdish separatists have been fighting to control in their bid to establish an autonomous state. The PKK has been an instrumental force in the fight for autonomy. 

Over the past year, the PKK has executed a number of attacks after the failure of a ceasefire between the party and the Turkish government.

The region has been plagued by violence not just from Kurdish freedom fighters, but from the Islamic State, too. 

Friday's bombing comes just six days after a deadly suicide attack at a Kurdish wedding, also in southeastern Turkey, which left more than 50 people dead, roughly half of whom were children. ISIS is strongly suspected of orchestrating the bombing. 

Growing tensions between the reflexive Turkish military, the Kurds and ISIS suggest the troubles in southeastern Turkey have no end in sight.