These are the most beautiful people, according to a computer algorithm


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. And in a futuristic beauty contest (though some might argue judging people based on their looks isn't all that forward-thinking), the beholders are a bunch of robots. 

The Beauty.AI 2.0 contest is an international beauty contest judged by artificial intelligence. The robot jury is comprised of five algorithms — RYNKL (judging your wrinkles), PIMPL (complexion), MADIS (how you compare to models within your age and racial group), Symmetry Master (symmetry of your face) and AntiAgeist (how old do you really look?). 

The objective of this beauty contest wasn't simply to show people what robots think are beautiful — it was to test biogerontologists and data scientists' theory "that in the near future machines will be able to get a lot of vital medical information about people's health just by processing their photos," the Beauty.AI website says. It adds, "The team's challenge is to find effective ways to slow down aging and help people look healthy and beautiful."

Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, a consultant on the competition, told TechCrunch that the goal of the contest is to eventually create apps using the tested algorithms that will let people see the effects of their face products.

The winners were broken down based on their age group and gender. They were chosen out of more than 6,000 submitted selfies, Business Insider reported. We have reached out to Beauty.AI on what the demographic of these users-submitted photos were and will update if we hear back. Ladies and gents, see some of the most beautiful humans below, according to an algorithm. You can click here for the full list of winners.