Midland City, Alabama, mayor insists she did not write post saying she lost to a 'n*gger'


The outgoing Republican mayor of Midland City, Alabama, claimed she was "hacked" after a racist message appeared on her Facebook page.

"I lost. The nigger won," read Mayor Patsy Capshaw Skipper's response to a friend asking about this week's election results, according to multiple reports.

Skipper, who is white, lost her mayoral race Tuesday to JoAnn Bennett Grimsley, a black woman. 

The incriminating post is not visible to those who are not Facebook friends with Skipper, according to the Dothan Eagle. But she insists she did not write it.

"My Facebook has been messed up for several weeks and I haven't been using it," Skipper told the Eagle Wednesday. "I think I've been hacked."

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When she takes office next year, Grimsley will be the first black mayor of Midland City — population: 2,366 — and the first woman ever elected there. Skipper, the current mayor, took the job on an interim basis after her husband, the elected mayor, stepped down due to health reasons in February. 

Skipper's last few months in office will inevitably be colored by this scandal, which has quickly become a national story. Screenshots, phone calls and emails flooded the offices of local news station WTVY after the post appeared on Skipper's page.

"It's ridiculous now, ridiculous, and this is who is representing me?" Midland City Councilman George Williams told WTVY. "Come on. Get real! She should've resigned yesterday. I really don't understand her thought process and saying something like that in 2016."

Skipper is expected to address the media on Friday.