'Pokémon Go' death toll rises with woman reportedly hit by car in latest accident


A 29-year-old woman was fatally struck by a driver playing Pokémon Go in Kasugai, Japan, authorities said. The incident marks the second report of a Pokémon Go-related death in Japan this week.

The latest casualty, a Vietnamese pedestrian, was hit Aug. 11 as she rode her bicycle across the street at a crosswalk. The woman was placed in critical care following the accident and died Thursday, according to Kotaku.

The driver, 26, was arrested and subsequently recalled the chain of events, saying, "Just before, I had been playing Pokémon Go, and I was going to charge my phone, and when I looked away, that's when it happened."

On Wednesday, two women were struck by a truck driver in Tokushima, Japan. The suspect, a 39-year-old farmer, claimed he was distracted by the augmented reality game. "I was playing Pokémon Go while driving, so I didn't really see what was in front of me," he told authorities.

One of the victims, 72-year-old Sachiko Nakanishi, was transported to a hospital, where she later died from a spinal injury. The other, 60-year-old Kayoko Igawa, was hospitalized with a severe injury.

A number of Pokémon Go-related accidents and crimes have been reported since the game launched on Android and iOS on July 6. Niantic, the game's developer, has repeatedly warned to "remain alert at all times" and to "stay aware of your surroundings." Earlier this month, the game issued an update specifically warning players not to play while driving.