11 images that show the burkini is both beautiful and powerful

The burkini is the most talked about bathing suit in the world right now and it's also incredibly in demand, according to the suit's inventor.

"They've misunderstood the burkini swimsuit," Aheda Zanetti, the suit's creator, told the New York Times. "Because the burkini swimsuit is freedom and happiness and lifestyle changes — you can't take that away from a Muslim, or any other woman, that chooses to wear it."

Three French cities — Cannes, Villeneuve-Loubet and Sisco — banned the burkini earlier in August, which sent sales skyrocketing up 200% — and only half the customers were Muslim. After tension between Muslim women and French police, French court overturned the ban

Women have worn them to protest Islamophobia. 

British burkini-wearing woman outside French embassy in LondonJUSTIN TALLIS/Getty Images

They've worn them to model.

Australian-Lebanese designer Aheda Zanetti with two models in burkinisSAEED KHAN/Getty Images

They're great for swimming under water, not just sitting on the beach. 


And, go snorkeling. 

Fitness instructors wear them.

Fitness instructor Fatma Taha wears a burkiniSAEED KHAN/Getty Images

Artists have used the burkini to protest women being told what they can and cannot wear. 


Muslim women save lives in burkinis. 

Women challenge stereotypes of what a Muslim woman looks like in burkinis. 

Muslim woman wearing BurkiniInstagram

They do yoga in the middle of nature. 


And, of course, they look fabulous in them. 

Muslim woman wearing a burkini on the beach Instagram
Muslim woman posing on beach in her burkini Instagram

Whether on the beach, poolside or in the water, the burkini proves that the best garment for women to wear on the beach is whatever they choose to wear.