'Big Brother 18': Paul calls Michelle a 'c*nt' and an evicted contestant returns


We're about to find out if the third time's the charm for Victor.

When we last left the houseguests, the current contestants were competing against jury members for Head of Household. The last jury member standing would get to return to the house, and the last person standing overall would be Head of Household. 

Before the Head of Household competition's end, we got a look at some of the drama that went down prior to Victor's eviction. James admits to the rest of the contestants that part of him wants Victor to stay in the house. Nicole hears this and is both confused and angry. She, Corey, James and Natalie have a final four deal. In the end, James was the deciding vote to send Victor home. 

For your weekly dose of Big Brother sexism, Paul calls Michelle a "c*nt" during an argument. 

The Head of Household competition

In the Head of Household competition, the contestants are all standing against a wall on small ledges above a pit of water. The wall moves back and forth, and the contestants are sprayed with cold water as they hang on to a tiny piece of wood and try to remain balanced. 

Da'Vonne and Zakiyah are the first to leave the competition. They grab hands and jump off the wall. 

Victor is the last juror standing, meaning he gets to return to the Big Brother house right after being evicted.

James and Nicole are the last ones holding on after more than two hours. Nicole promises James that he and Natalie will be safe this week if he lets her win, and Nicole gets Head of Household. Michelle is irritated to find out she wasn't included in the deal, and Nicole is annoyed that James let Nicole win a competition of this nature, because James has won three wall-based competitions in his Big Brother 

New alliances form between Corey and Nicole and Paul and Victor, despite Nicole having promised James she wouldn't put Natalie or James up for eviction. At this point, Nicole and Corey have final four deals with both duos, and Nicole's ideal scenario is Michelle's eviction. 

America's care package and nominations

The final care package of the season is dropped in the backyard. He opens the box to reveal a "bribe." Corey gets to offer another houseguest $5,000 in exchange for performing an action, and he can do so publicly or privately. He could, for example, offer another player that money in exchange for a promise that said person will vote a certain way. 

Corey gets excited that he might be able to offer people money for whatever he wants. Nicole reminds him that the action has to be related to the game. He's noticeably disappointed. 

Corey and Nicole bond some more with Paul and Victor, and Nicole says she trusts them more than she trusts James and Natalie. They make a solid final four deal. 

Nicole nominates Paul and Michelle for eviction. She promises Paul that he's going up as a pawn and that Michelle is her real target. The question remains how Corey will choose to use his bribe and if whomever he offers said bribe to will accept the deal. 

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