'Catfish' star Nev Schulman's fiancée Laura Perlongo steals the show on VMAs white carpet


The MTV Video Music Awards are notorious for its outfits that push the boundaries of red carpet dressing. Actresses have shown up completely nude. Rappers have shown out with just one breast out. So yeah, let's just say we're jaded. 

But on Sunday night, on a comparatively calm carpet, one woman wore an outfit that could shock us once more. 

Nev Schulman, the host of MTV's TV show Catfish, showed up with his pregnant fiancée, Laura Perlongo, a woman who apparently wanted the entire world to know that yes, she is pregnant, because to the 2016 VMAs, she didn't wear a shirt. 

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Under her light beige bomber jacket was a mere belly chain, leaving her pregnant stomach fully exposed. It took a while to process: this woman, smiling broadly, with a mere belly chain grazing her chest. 

Chris Pizzello/AP

We can't say that this look was bad, or even good. It was just meant to very obviously show off a pretty obvious fact, and then let us ruminate on it. 

Over on Twitter, opinions were very mixed between people who thought it was kinda beautiful and people who weren't into it at all. 

Who thought of this idea? Was it her? Was it Nev? He does, after all, look far more enthusiastic about it, holding onto Perlongo's tummy as they posed. 

Evan Agostini/AP
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

But then again, they are matching so, maybe it was a coordinated effort to make us care about them for just a few seconds more. Over on her Instagram, Perlongo hasn't been shy about baring her tummy in a number of tasteful portraits presumably taken by the Catfish host, so maybe this was an earnest celebration. 

We very well may never know why or how Perlongo managed to not flash America while just wearing an open bomber jacket, or maybe we will, because Nev Schulman is the kind of man who would produce an hour-long special chronicling how exactly his fiancée didn't flash America. 

But until that day comes, we'd love to leave this one a mystery.