Queen Beyoncé interrupts Chance the Rapper’s VMA interview and steals the entire moment

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards elevated Beyoncé to an entirely new echelon of artistic excellence. The queen appeared to have literally descended from the heavens in an angelic "white carpet" dress, before stealing the entire show with a 15-minute Lemonade medley and collecting eight awards. Topping it all off, she graced Chance the Rapper with her presence backstage in a moment that will live on in viral history. 

The rapper was kicking it with MTV's Meredith Graves, discussing the night and his apparent jealousy of Drake's gorgeously sculpted muscles. One can see Beyoncé approaching from behind just before lightly placing her head on Chance's shoulders for a quick smile.

Chance's face is the face most of us would like make if we too were touched by Beyoncé.

Chance's reaction to being touched by BeyoncéMic/Twitter

Despite Beyoncé being an elusive, silent presence in the industry scene, it appears her and Chance have quite a close relationship. The rising star has previously referred to her and her music mogul husband Jay Z on Twitter and in his music as as "Auntie Yonce and Unc."

Watch the beautiful moment from Sunday night's show below: