No, Beyoncé wasn’t joined by "mothers of Black Lives Matter victims" on VMAs' white carpet

At the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night in New York City, Beyoncé graced the white carpet looking like the most heavenly angel to ever grace this earth. 

Beyoncé, who later nabbed eight moonmen to become the most decorated artist in VMA history, invited Lezley McSpadden (mother of Michael Brown), Gwen Carr (mother of Eric Garner), Wanda Johnson (mother of Oscar Grant) and Sybrina Fulton (mother of Trayvon Martin) as her guests. 

These mothers, whose sons have been killed by police officers or due to race-based violence, have been dubbed the "mothers of the movement." The singer has featured them on her visual album, Lemonade, in April. And they also appeared at the Democratic National Convention in July.

But the Los Angeles Times instead called this group the "mothers of Black Lives Matter victims" in a tweet after the awards show. Initially, the article's headline also used the same phrasing. It has since been changed.

To say that they were "Black Lives Matter" victims places blame on the movement for the deaths of these mothers' sons. Twitter users were quick to call out the LA Times for its inaccurate and insensitive tweet.