Here are the worst colleges if you're an LGBTQ student


Students all over the country are looking forward to heading back to school — but for some LGBTQ students, their campuses are unwelcome, unsafe, or downright bigoted.

Sadly, there are plenty of U.S. schools that have been hostile or discriminatory towards LGBTQ people, according to Campus Pride, a nonprofit organization of student groups working to make campuses safer for LGBTQ students. On Monday, Campus Pride released its latest "Shame List" calling out the worst offenders. Here are some of the schools that made the "worst of" list.

Brigham Young University has a disturbing history of blaming students for their own sexual assaults, including punishing students who report sexual assault by someone of the same sex for "homosexual behavior." 

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the school's honor code forbids all "homosexual behavior," including "not only sexual relations between members of the same sex, but all forms of physical intimacy that give expression to homosexual feelings." The school's Utah campus and its Idaho campus made the "Shame List" this year.

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Liberty University, which boasts on its website that it prepares students to "impact your culture as a Champion for Christ," also made the "Shame List," for what Campus Pride called a "a long and well-documented history of anti-LGBTQ discrimination." 

Campus Pride cited a case from 2015 in which the school made headlines for a policy that denied tuition benefits to same-sex spouses of military veterans. The current president of Liberty, Jerry Falwell Jr., recently spoke at the Republican National Convention.

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Wheaton College in Illinois (no relation to a college of the same name in Massachusetts) made the "Shame List" for including a pro-conversion therapy, "ex-gay" speaker at a mandatory campus event. Grove City College was also included on the list for requiring students to attend a speech by a an "ex-gay" speaker.

Many of the schools on the "Shame List" were included because they either hold or have requested a religious exemption to Title IX, which helps protect students from discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation or marital status.

See the full "Shame List" here.