Researchers spot radio signal so strong, it might just be the work of aliens — maybe


Some readers might find this article best viewed with eerie sci-fi music playing in the background, because this article is about the possibility of alien life.

On May 15, 2015, Gizmodo reported, astronomers in the Russian Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia spotted a strange radio signal coming from the direction of a star, HD164595, located fewer than 100 light years away, in the Hercules constellation. It has very similar properties — size, age, makeup — to our own sun. According to GeekWire, "the signal conceivably fits the profile for an intentional transmission from an extraterrestrial source." Which is to say, aliens.


Paul Gilster of Centauri Dreams detailed the findings in a report published on Saturday. According to Gizmodo, they will be up for discussion on Sept. 27, when the International Academy of Astronautics' Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (IAA SETI) permanent committee meets. 

"No one is claiming that this is the work of an extraterrestrial civilization, but it is certainly worth further study," Gilster wrote, adding that the transmission is "provocative enough" to merit "permanent monitoring."

The researchers speculated that it could be either a Kardashev I or Kardashev II civilization, meaning that its inhabitants have "harness[ed] all the energy that is available from a neighboring star" to support the population (Type I), or that they have "harness[ed] the power of their entire star" (Type II). Either way, what the signal might mean is alien life.

Maybe. We can't say for sure yet. All we can say, according to Gilster, is "that the signal is interesting and merits further scrutiny."