12 everyday coconut oil uses you probably didn't know about


Coconut oil is the must-have pantry item that's beloved by beauty addicts and kitchen fiends alike. 

Renowned for its countless health benefits, addictively smooth texture and all-around versatility, coconut oil is the ingredient you can seriously never have too much of. Made from pressing the oil out of coconut meat, this clear oil is often sold in solid form, like butter or lard, but can also be used as a liquid for cooking and self care. Considering buying a vat of coconut oil in bulk? Here's what to do with all of it.

1. Substitute for extra virgin olive oil in sauteeing, baking and frying


Because refined coconut oil has a smoke point of 400 degrees, compared to the average 325 degree smoking point of extra virgin olive oil, it's safer to cook with at high temperatures. The healthy fatty acids in coconut oil are also proven to promote weight better than the fats in olive oil, though coconut oil is higher in saturated fat, so like any oil, it's recommended to be consumed in moderation.  

2. Make "magic shell" with coconut oil

Minimalist Baker

Coconut oil hardens as it cools, so all it takes is a stir of chocolate into liquid coconut oil to create a hardening shell perfect for topping ice cream, dipping bananas, drizzling on milkshakes and more. Get the recipe here.

3. Make your own coconut oil mayonnaise 

Packed with good fats and no fillers, your homemade coconut oil mayo is a sandwich spread you can feel good about. 

4. Tooth brightening


Kylie Jenner endorsed coconut oil as a cheaper alternative to professional teeth whitening, but after admitting she gets her teeth whitened by the dentists, it became clear coconut oil may not be the secret key to whiter teeth. Oil pulling, or the practice of swishing coconut oil in your mouth like mouth wash, however, may detoxify your mouth and help prevent cavities and disease. 

5. Use coconut oil as coffee creamer

You could plunk a spoonful of solidified coconut oil in your morning coffee or make you own coconut oil coffee creamer, stored at room temperature as to not cool down your coffee. Plus, it doesn't have any of the mysterious chemicals or preservatives those other shelf-stable creamers have. 

6. Massage kale with coconut oil

Kale and other leafy greens can be tough to chew. Try massaging your veggies with coconut oil before cooking them to make it silkier and smoother to eat. Bonus: The oil used in the vegetable massage will also moisturize your fingers. 

7. Treat split ends with coconut oil


Hair stylist Rosemary Vargo at Sakari Salon near Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, isn't a big proponent of leave-in coconut oil treatments, but she advises some of her clients to "put it on your ends overnight" to help moisturize and restore hair. "I wouldn't leave it in hair — it's too heavy and too greasy," she said in an interview. Vargo is a big fan of the product and buys it in vats from Sam's Club to rub all over her body, as moisturizer. 

8. Use coconut oil as makeup remover 

Put it on your face! Karina Tomaz, of Brooklyn's 718 Salon, said the stuff works wonders as a makeup remover. in an email.  "It helps easily remove makeup so there is less rubbing or tension to the skin," she said in an email. 

9. Substitute coconut oil for butter

Gimme Some Oven

Drizzle liquid coconut oil over popcorn, use it to grease a baking tray or substitute coconut oil in your baking to turn any recipe vegan. Try coconut oil biscuits for a crumbly, dairy-free breakfast treat. Get the recipe here.

10. Shave with coconut oil


Thanks to coconut oil's natural moisturizers, it makes for a great shaving agent that will keep skin hydrated and smooth throughout and after your shave.  

11. Make natural coconut oil deodorant

Skip the roll-on filled with chemicals and potential toxins and make your own coconut oil deodorant with just a few household ingredients. 

12. "Personal lubricant"


This use is doctor-approved. Try it out if you're interested. Please report back.