These 7 iOS 10 features will change how you use your iPhone


The iPhone 7 announcement and release date are approaching fast, and with the new device comes iOS 10, Apple's new mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Let's talk about iOS 10's best new features. 

I've been using iOS 10 since the beta version was released (find out how to download it here), and I've got plenty of complaints — but there are a few new tools I wish Apple had released a long time ago. Here's what to expect and what to try immediately when iOS 10 officially rolls around. 

1. Browse your Safari tabs on mobile


Anything you're viewing on desktop (in Safari) will automatically sync with your iPhone and iPad. This is great for anyone who opens a lot of tabs and then forgets about them — you can always finish reading on the train. No need to send anything to Pocket. (In my opinion, though, Chrome is a nicer mobile browser.)

2. GIF search in Messages


Your iPhone's Messages app definitely took a turn for the Facebook on iOS 10. I personally hate the heartbeat and sketch features, but one really nice addition is the built-in GIF search. No need for a third-party keyboard. (One problem, though: The app looks for GIFs on Bing, not Giphy or Google Images; your options may be limited.)

3. Easy photo selection in Messages


Pull up your photo library inside text messages with this handy window. Select multiple images or even take a photo or selfie directly from the Messages app.

4. Bedtime for easier mornings

My favorite new feature on iOS 10 is built into the standard Clock app. It's called Bedtime, and it sends you reminders to go to bed so you get a certain amount of sleep. The app is in an easier-on-the-eyes night mode.


The best feature, though, is Bedtime's hidden set of built-in alarm sounds that aren't available on the Clock app. They're soft piano ballads that gently pull you awake without a jolt, like a tiny angel lifting you into consciousness.

5. Group photos by face


With two new features, People and Places, Apple is bringing face detection to the Photos app. One amusing way you can spend a Wi-Fi-free train ride is tagging your photos with friends' faces and watching Photos scan your library to create a cute collection and slideshow, which you can customize with unique typefaces and music. You can sort photos by location as well.

6. Finally get rid of Stocks


Previously, you could never get rid of some of Apple's default apps — you had to just dump them in a folder called "Other." Now you can! If you never use Find Friends and need to clear up some space, trash it.

7. Lift your phone to view notifications


It sounds like a minor addition, but it's very helpful. No more pressing the home button to see what's new — lift your locked phone and your notifications will pop up. What's more, you can swipe to the right and view customizable widgets like Google News and Weather, even on a locked screen. Oh yeah, and you can clear notifications with two taps: The "X" turns into the "Clear" button (see above).

We're excited to hear what features you find and enjoy (or really, really hate). Reach out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.