Barb actress Shannon Purser from 'Stranger Things' will join the CW's 'Archie' reboot

We may never see Barb's on-screen return in Stranger Things (the creators have said as much), but actress Shannon Purser is moving forward with her second TV role. 

According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, Purser is joining the CW's reboot of the Archie comic book series as Ethel Muggs. The forthcoming show, to be called Riverdale — after the fictitious town in which the comics are set — is set to premiere this winter. 

Fans of the Archie comics will remember Muggs as the high school student with an incessant crush on the crown-wearing Jughead Jones, but Entertainment Weekly notes that the character in the series will "find herself in a romantic relationship with someone very different." 

Purser, for her part, shared her excitement with the casting news on Twitter Tuesday — following a series of tweets on Monday in which she teased big news on the way. Though, of course, she had to add the caveat that it wasn't going to be Stranger Things-related.