You'll spill a lot less coffee if you hold your mug like this, according to science


I hope you have long phalanges like Salad Fingers because according to science you're going to need them to correctly grasp your morning cup o' joe. 


Physicist Jiwon Han discovered in a study that rather than hold your coffee by its intended handle while walking, you should use the "claw-hand posture" to better prevent spills. And yes it's what it sounds like — lower your pre-caffeinated meathook down like you're trying to win an arcade toy and wrap your fingers around the rim of the mug. Like this:

Science Direct

"When a half-full Bordeaux glass is oscillated sideways at 4 Hz, calm waves of wine gently ripple upon the surface," Han writes in the study, Good reported. "However, when a cylindrical mug is subject to the same motion, it does not take long for the liquid to splash aggressively against the cup and ultimately spill."

The study notes that the "magnitude of acceleration in the claw-hand model is significantly smaller" than holding a cup by the handle, or the "normal hand model," which means this technique of holding your cup "is less likely to spill coffee." 

However, you'll want to wash your hands before you touch your mug's rim — your hands are fucking filthy. Cheers!