Chris Brown standoff ends with arrest for assault with a deadly weapon

Los Angeles police arrested R&B artist Chris Brown on Tuesday, reported USA Today, and plan on charging him for assault with a deadly weapon after a woman contacted authorities saying Brown threatened her with a firearm.

Earlier in the day, officers arrived at Brown's Tarzana, California home, removing several individuals in the progress of a search for the alleged firearm. Brown initially refused to let law enforcement personnel into his home, recording several messages he posted to social media, and triggering the deployment of an LAPD tactical team.

The resulting standoff lasted for hours, reported the Los Angeles Times.

According to gossip site TMZ, Brown threw a duffel bag out of his home as officers approached, and law enforcement allegedly recovered weaponry and drugs.

Brown has faced numerous allegations of violence and domestic abuse throughout his career, including a widely publicized assault on Rihanna. But in the videos posted online on Tuesday, the singer portrayed himself as the victim of a police witch hunt.

"What the fuck else do y'all want from me, bro?" Brown said in one of the clips. "I stay out of the way, take care of my daughter, do work. I don't need fucking ugly bitches, them bitches, whatever the fuck it is. I'm not on that, bro. I'm way too tired to be dealing with this bullshit."