Jon Stewart Youtube: The Daily Show Has Earned the Respect of Republicans Too


Jon Stewart won his well-deserved tenth consecutive Emmy on Sunday night, giving The Daily Show one whole decade on top. So what is responsible for Stewart’s success? He is an intelligent political comedian making light of politicians from all sides of the spectrum by relevantly exploiting their flaws through an entertaining, yet intellectual, medium.

Before the “fact checkers” and Anderson Cooper “Keeping them Honest” segments of today, Jon Stewart was the TV personality that made sure that politicians could not get away with saying anything and everything. His Indecision 2000 clips truly launched political coverage to a different level. By satirizing the political process of the Supreme Court’s decision, he put in plain terms the difficult language and constitutional jargon that encompassed the controversial decision of the court in Bush v. Gore. Irrespective of whether one agreed or disagreed with his analysis, it was concise, provocative, and expressive of the opinions of those that became politically disillusioned as a result the ruling. 

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show

Regardless of political affiliation, Americans and the television community have an overwhelming amount of respect for Stewart. The Daily Show is a political art form that others dream to emulate. In a generation of short clips and viral videos, Stewart provides the informative and the hilarious in a succinct burst of energy. Congratulations on your Emmy Jon Stewart; you revolutionized political commentary as we know it, and all the so-called fact-checkers are heavily indebted and will never match you.