This YouTube video explains consent in one weirdly perfect masturbation analogy

Teresa Lee explaining consent in her YouTube video filmed in her room

When it comes to trying to explain the concept of consent, a number of brave philosophers have attempted to spell it out with the use of clever analogy. Money and tea cups and bears (oh my) have all been employed to explain consent in recent years.

But a new YouTube video from Los Angeles comedian Teresa Lee uses a simple masturbation analogy to get her point across.

It kinda works!


Lee begins by painting a portrait of a scene in which she "just got home from a long day of work" and is "feeling a little horny." But after deciding to curl up in bed with her favorite porn — Shakespeare, natch — she asks rhetorically, "What if halfway through, I decide I don't want to anymore? Maybe my mom called — that's a real boner-killer."



"If I don't wanna finish, I'm not going to," she continues.

"Like, you're not gonna force yourself to do it. It should be the same when you're having sex with someone else."


Lee then imagines a scenario in which you begin masturbating but then realize that your vibrator is out of batteries, so you decide to give up on the endeavor altogether. 

"Let's say you're with someone and they wanna use a condom," Lee says in another example. "They're into sex — with a condom. If a woman says she wants to have sex using a condom and a guy forces her to have sex without one, that is rape!"

Lee then pivots into a lotion example to make it simple for any dudes who still might not get it.

"So you only want to stroke your cock if you've got proper lubricant, because maybe your hands are covered in blisters or sandpaper or whatever — it doesn't really matter why," she says.


"If you change your mind when you're alone, you just put your cock away and save it for another day," Lee continues.

"See how easy it is for you to say no to yourself when you don't wanna get blisters on your pee-pee? It should be that easy when it comes to somebody else. Imagine when your partner says 'no' to you, that you walk away that easily, that quickly, that you treat her with the same respect that you treat your own body. How great would that be?" 


You can watch the full video below and check out more of Lee's work at her website.