'Big Brother 18': Nicole's got all the power


Nicole seems to have the Big Brother house in the palm of her hand this week. She has both nominees — Michelle and Paul — convinced they are pawns. In reality, Nicole says she wants Michelle out of the house. 

Nicole tells Paul she might not take him off the block if she wins Power of Veto, since she doesn't want to reveal to Michelle that Paul is actually the pawn and Michelle is her real target. 

Before the veto competition, the houseguests pick who will play. Paul pulls the "houseguest's choice" piece from the bucket and chooses Corey, rather than Michelle or James. That makes Michelle (rightfully) suspicious of Paul's relationship with Nicole and Corey.

Nicole, Michelle, Paul, Victor, Corey and James are all chosen to play in the Power of Veto competition. 

Veto competition

This week's Veto competition is Christmas-themed, and it's a classic "stay or fold" counting competition. 

There are three rooms filled with different amounts of objects. The houseguests are all asked to estimate how many objects are in different displays. For example, there is a display of eight nutcrackers next to a huge display of nutcrackers. The houseguests are asked to estimate how many nutcrackers are in the larger display. 

The houseguests have to write their estimates on a board and reveal their numbers to one another. They then have the opportunity, after hearing everyone else's estimates, to either stay or fold. If they fold, they're safe but don't earn any points. The person closest to the real number out of those who have stayed wins a point. The person who stays and is farthest from the real number is eliminated from the competition.

Paul says he wants to throw the competition to Victor, who he says will pull him off the block. Corey openly throws the competition so Nicole can remain in the game. Fans on Twitter were surprised that Corey made a smart game move.

It comes down to Michelle and Nicole, and Nicole wins the Power of Veto. 

After the competition, Nicole has sort of a change of heart. She's unsure if she should actually get Michelle out or if she should go after either Paul or Victor. 

Power of Veto

At the veto meeting, Nicole decides not to use the power of Veto, leaving Paul and Michelle up for eviction. Michelle is stressed about her future in the house, while James says he feels pretty confident in his and Natalie's relationship with Corey and Natalie. 

Nicole still isn't sure what she wants to do — her choice could be especially important if the vote ends with a tie and she's forced to break it. Fans will see whether Paul or Michelle goes home on the next live eviction episode of Big Brother, which will air Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on CBS.